Jamie Jungers is Miss Mistress, the most vaunted of all 14 of Tiger Woods' mistresses, according to those lovable goofballs on the Howard Stern show.

Three women competed for the crown of Miss Mistress or rather, Miss Tiger Woods' Mistress on Howard Stern's Sirius Radio show this morning, broadcast to Sirius subscribers and to subscribers of Howard TV. But in case you missed it, PopEater was there to watch the spectacle and we've got all the juicy little details. It goes without saying that somehow Howard managed to top even himself with a spectacle at once sad and fascinating as Jamie Jungers, Jaimee Grubbs and Loredana Jolie competed nearly nude (in bikinis that looked more like underwear) in Howard's version of a beauty competition. The pageant was really more of a confessional about the ladies' sexcapades with Tiger rather than a contest of any particular talent or even beauty.