Johnny WeirOlympic figure skater Johnny Weir, and star of Sundance Channel's 'Be Good Johnny Weir,' is known for his talent as well as his flamboyant fashion on the ice.

Weir talked to PopEater about his show, his favorite skating costumes, and what his future holds after he announced he would not compete at the World Championships in Torino this year.

"I'm going to start writing my book, my life memoir, but only part one, obviously. I'm not old enough to do a life memoir. I want to get the story out there about how I grew up and my family and things because there was a lot of, you know, speculation and hate against me about what I represent and who I am. I wanted to tell my story so that everyone can sort of get it and get where I'm coming from, because nobody actually takes the time to learn anything about anyone anymore, they just make assumptions."

He also dished about his personal style when he's off the ice. "I never leave my house without a Balenciaga bag in whatever color," he tells us.