Lady GagaLast month, Lady Gaga got the Internet buzzing when she released pictures from the set of her video for 'Telephone,' which co-stars Beyonce. Fans wondered just what she could be up with this time, and now the wait is finally over.

For their second pairing -- Gaga and Beyonce collaborated on the latter's 'Video Phone' remix last year -- the diva duo certainly go above and beyond the already-high expectations. The nine-and-a-half-minute video picks up where the clip for 'Paparazzi' ended -- in prison. From there, it gets even wilder, with plenty of Gaga and Beyonce's trademark dance moves and outrageous outfits, as well as an intense fight scene, poisoning, a cameo from Tyrese Gibson and references to movies like 'Kill Bill' and 'Thelma and Louise.' Check out a behind-the-scenes featurette below and then watch the 'Telephone' video and get ready to have your mind blown.