Corey Haim MoviesPop-Ed: Corey Haim's popular 80s film characters were often a direct reflection of the magnificent balance of innocence and reality we came to expect from Hollywood and they existed in a world far removed from the details surrounding Haim's death on March 10.

With his pinchable face and mischievous sideways glances, Haim was the perfect poster boy for that unique decade in movies. We had not yet been inundated with the shallow crudeness of today's storylines whose characters include teenage boys so bent on sex they fornicate with food ('American Pie') or dream of doing it with a human-sized bag of marijuana ('Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay').

There was just something different about films back then. In Haim's glory days, teens weren't depicted as faultless, by any means. They had certainly broken through the purity barrier with lines like "Check out the t--- on that one." But, at the same time, their "very bad" behavior was generally exemplified by hiding an alcohol-filled flask in a locker and was, by today's standards, pretty good.