The death of 38-year-old actor Corey Haim, after a history of drug abuse, was sad news to anyone who remembered him as that cute, gangly, cherub-faced kid from the '80s movies 'Lucas,' 'The Lost Boys' and 'License to Drive.' What's even more tragic is that Haim joins a long list of troubled former child and teen stars -- Brad Renfro, River Phoenix and Jonathan Brandis, to name a few -- who lived too fast and died too young.

But it's hardly true that every child actor heads down a road to ruin, jail or reality TV. There are plenty of examples of those who have thrived as both adolescents and adults, who serve not as cautionary tales, but as role models. So take heed, past and future young thespians -- ahem, Lindsay Lohan -- you can grow up in Hollywood and still make it in America.