Anderson CooperCNN journalist Anderson Cooper graces the cover of Outside Magazine's April "Adventure" issue and reveals that while covering the recent earthquake in Haiti, he couldn't sit back like some journalists. Instead, he dug into the rubble to start saving lives.

"To be in a place before relief workers are there: That presents some unique challenges. You suddenly find yourself in a situation where, you say, 'You're a doctor -- what do you do?' There are some journalism purists who say that you do nothing, that you just watch and report, and I certainly understand that," Cooper says. "But in the case of a little boy who got hit in the head with a cement block, no one was helping him. He couldn't get up ... Blood was pouring from his head. It was a split second decision to take him out of the situation. I think anyone would have done the same thing if they had the opportunity."

In the interview, he talks openly about the dangers of reporting, his stint in Haiti and the emotional toll of coming face-to-face with his biggest fears.