Americans of a certain age were shocked and saddened by the untimely death of actor Corey Haim. As fans, we grow close to celebrities in our own way, and this superficial closeness breeds a hunger for as much information as possible about the tragic events that led up to Haim's death. But maybe there are some things we don't need to hear. Was it necessary for fans of Haim's work to listen to his distraught mother's phone call to 911, where she can be heard lamenting: "He's completely, completely gone"?

So where should the media draw the line when it comes to 911 calls that involve a celebrity? In the past few months, we've been privy to the final moments of Brittany Murphy's life, the aftermath of the marital dispute that led to Charlie Sheen's arrest and the discovery of heiress Casey Johnson's body, all through the airing of 911 tapes online and on-air.