Gabourey Sidibe

I will watch Gabourey Sidibe because she is a phenomenal actress, and because I can only begin to imagine how incredible her acting abilities will be when she is older and more experienced. On top of that, I will watch her because she is 100% real.

People are putting so much emphasis on her weight that they are totally disregarding the fact that this young woman almost won an Oscar. Do I need to repeat that? She almost won an Oscar.

Regardless of how fickle the machine known as Hollywood can be, Gabourey was nominated for an Academy Award -- the most coveted award in Hollywood. Not many actors -- white, black, fat or skinny -- can say that, so it should count for something beyond critiquing her weight and making derogatory comments about her appearance.

The longer we predict failure for people based off of how they look, because it has been the 'status quo' over the years, the longer things will remain the same. If we support people based on their talent as opposed to how they look, then Hollywood is forced to change its standards.

If you know the history of the Academy Awards, Hattie McDaniel was the first black person -- male or female -- to win an Academy Award in 1939 for Best Supporting Actress in 'Gone With the Wind.' She was quite far from being a size 2, and she definitely did not look like Halle Berry.

Chandra Wilson, of 'Grey's Anatomy,' is not a size 2, and she does not look like a model, but the show's ratings seem to be doing just fine, and it does not appear she is going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, she recently got divorced on the show and now has a new love interest.

I definitely think that Hollywood is unbalanced in terms of color barriers, as well as gender barriers, etc. It tends to be much more accepting of overweight actors than it is of overweight actresses. This is nothing new.

The system can and will change in Hollywood though, if we as consumers take a stand and embrace change, as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon of people like Howard Stern, whose claim to fame is being obnoxious. People have so much to say about this young woman's weight, and how she is slowly killing herself, yet they say little in reference to people in Hollywood who choose to smoke cigarettes, drink in excess or do drugs. Anything in excess is not the best thing for your body, but please stop attacking this woman for her personal choices. Sidibe has quite a few acting gigs lined up in the near future, so I definitely would not worry too much about her employment status.