We could all feel sorry for Gabourey Sidibe, but there's really no need. She's talented, young and famous, and let's not forget why you know her name: she's an Oscar-nominated actress, in a category she shared this year with Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock. That's nothing to scoff at.

She's also beautiful. Not conventionally pretty, mind you, but she possesses a personal magnetism that few other actresses can claim. She is of Senegalese descent and has one of the most beautiful and unusual faces in cinema today. Should all of her accomplishments and personal beauty be trumped because she's overweight? That won't stop me from watching her and paying to see her films.

I'll watch Gabby Sidibe because she's a terrific actress, and so far, this early in her career at least, she's chosen fascinating roles in interesting films. She has been cast in the TV series 'The Big C' and in the independent film 'Yelling to the Sky.' More offers are certain to come.

It's true that -- in general -- there's a lack of strong roles in Hollywood for women. Even more so for African-American actresses and even more so for overweight actresses. The prejudices of Hollywood, feeding off the public, mean she may not be considered for romantic leads just yet. But Sidibe has a few advantages that should help her gain more interesting roles and create a long-lasting career and growing fan-base.

1. That Oscar Nomination: The next time a producer or casting director is looking at young African-American actresses for major roles, Sidibe will be on the top of that list.

2. Oprah Winfrey: Have you heard of her? Oprah rules the world. Having her in your cheering section can mean only good things. Connections, connections, connections. Just watch Winfrey's presentation of Sidibe as a Best Actress nominee at this year's Oscars. Winfrey's support can be counted on in the future.

3. Her Personality: Sidibe has worked the talk-show circuit like no other. She is charming, funny and breaks every negative stereotype of young, urban black women with grace and wit. She's likable and fun to watch. Audiences across demographic lines have embraced her and can't wait to see what else she can do.

4. Howard Stern Haters: Anyone looking for a new reason to hate Howard Stern got one after his distasteful comments about Sidibe last week. Thanks Howard, for alienating even more people and giving Sidibe a new base of fans.

Gabourey Sidibe just may be the talent that encourages producers and studios to greenlight more diverse characters and have confidence in casting actresses who don't fit the conventional beauty mold. I'm bored of seeing those kind of movies, roles and actresses. Sidibe is already off to a great start. She's more deserving of our envy than our pity.