EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Alley claims she was "ambushed" during a March 16 interview on NBC's 'Today Show' when reporter Meredith Vieira asked her directly if her Organic Liaison diet program is connected to Scientology. The question came right after her opening segment -- in which the Hollywood Reporter's Roger Friedman claimed Alley's company was made of top-level Scientologists. After denying the claims on national TV, Alley spoke to PopEater about the "lies and myths" he brought to the the forefront of the national media.

"If you Google Mr. Friedman, you'll see he has had longtime problems with Scientology. He has written numerous articles against them," Alley said at a private press event on Wednesday afternoon. "That I need to clarify or defend the intentions of my L.L.C. business corporation, in the year 2010 is indicative of the intolerance that we as a country need to overcome. However, after the 'Today Show' brought fringe bigotry and intolerance into the forefront of the national media, I feel compelled to clarify two issues," she said.