Exclusive: We had the chance this week to attend the New York City premiere of 'The Bounty Hunter' starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Butler plays -- you guessed it -- a bounty hunter named Milo Boyd who is given the assignment of bringing his traffic violating fugitive ex-wife (Aniston) to justice. We were perplexed at some of the bounty hunting techniques that Milo uses in the film, so we decided to get an expert's opinion. So, yeah, we asked Duane 'Dog' Chapman if Mr. Butler's tactics would fly on his team. 'Dog' is currently on tour promoting his new book, 'Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given,' which gives a surprisingly candid account of recent events in Dog's life -- including when Dog found himself in hot water himself for using, as he calls it, "the n-word." His thoughts on his scandal, as well as Butler and Aniston's practices, after the jump.