Gabourey Gabby Sidibe

PopEater has been steadily tracking the rise of breakthrough talent Gabourey Sidibe from the moment that the first screenings of 'Precious' took place in Sundance last winter. We cheered when Oprah and Tyler Perry stood behind the film, jumped for joy the day Gabby took home an Academy Award nomination and watched proudly as she owned the Oscar red carpet. We've been amazed that people doubted whether her career would take off. Our own Rob Shuter weighed in on Joy Behar's show last week to discuss her next steps. Our audience weighed in with hundreds of comments following Howard Stern's harsh criticisms of her. We then turned it over to our readers to join our growing Pop Chorus to tell us just why Gabby will have future success in Hollywood. Here are some standout opinions:

She Did It by Sylvie Branch
Today, I'll watch Gabourey Sidibe. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have. Five years ago, I wouldn't have. But now, I will. This plus-sized actress and others have transformed my outlook. I have always had an extreme fear of fat, going so far as to starve myself and recklessly abuse my body. My dreams were often shelved until I was thin enough. I'd say to myself, "Once I'm really skinny, then I can be pursue my dreams. Once I hit that magic number, then I'll be successful." Gabby went ahead and followed her dream regardless of the circumference of her thighs. I love this about her. I want her to succeed, for all of us that are so fearful of fat and for all those waiting in the wings until they "lose 20 lbs in 2 days." More From Sylvie on How She Came Around >>>

Thanking Howard Stern For Turning Me on To Gabby by Matthew Wilkening
As a dedicated Howard Stern show listener and someone who thinks most Oprah Winfrey-supported movies are pandering and formulaic, I was very surprised to find myself, just yesterday, rooting for Gabourey Sidibe to have a long, successful career. I understand and agree with Howard's concern over the potential health concerns tied to her weight. But some people can handle extra pounds -- or smoking cigars everyday -- and live long lives. And if she's one of them, more power to her. Matt Knows Gabby Intends To Be Around for a While. Read More of His Thoughts >>>