Kirstie AlleyThe world has seen Kirstie Alley's weight yo-yo since 2005, when her weight had increased to over 200 pounds. She poked fun about herself on 'Fat Actress' and then lost 75 pounds after becoming a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig. But then her weight crept back up, and she set out to lose the weight... again. This time, she's documenting her journey in A&E's 'Kirstie Alley's Big Life,' which debuts March 21 at 10 PM. As the feisty actress battles the bulge, she reveals the industry has always been obsessed with her weight -- even when she weighed 114 pounds.

"When I went in to meet with Adrian Lyne [for an audition for 'Fatal Attraction'], I weighed about 125. He told me to go home, lose at least ten pounds and he wanted to see me in two weeks. I got down to 114" and didn't even get offered the role, Alley recalled Wednesday after a private screening of her new show. "The industry is psychotic."