This weekend, your understanding of nature and the animals that coexist alongside us in this vast, wondrous world is about to be blown to bits, as the new series 'Life' is set to debut (two back-to-back episodes premiere starting at 8 pm on Sunday) on the Discovery Channel. Much like the past smash hit nature series 'Planet Earth,' 'Life' -- narrated by Oprah Winfrey -- scours the earth looking for the most compelling images and storylines that mother nature has to provide, shot almost entirely in vivid high-definition. PopEater was able to chat with the series' executive producer, Mike Gunton, about how the vast undertaking began nearly five years ago, how it all happened and which moments are the most compelling to him (Hint: One involves flies that blow up their heads with air and have eye-fights. Seriously.). Our chat (plus fly eye-fight video!) after the jump!