ABC may have canceled 'Ugly Betty,' but its star America Ferrera is far from unemployed. With a few films coming out this year, including the upcoming animated movie 'How to Train Your Dragon' (in theaters Friday), she's looking forward to a little time off to ... do her laundry.

America talked to PopEater about the special "celebrity way" of folding laundry, gossip about her weight and more.

Were you very upset when ABC canceled 'Ugly Betty'?

I think I felt a lot of things. Did I want the show to be over? Not necessarily. It wasn't a complete surprise because the ratings were turning south, but we still had our very loyal audience. But I was pleased that this season and last season we really kind of hit our creative stride. Critics and our audience were very pleased with what was happening this season. It's nice to at least go out when we found a nice creative place rather than going out when it wasn't working creatively.