Rob ShuterIt seems that anyone who messes with Sandra Bullock is going to have to answer to her close friend, Betty White. Watch out Jesse James, she's looking to kick you where the sun doesn't shine. All of that, plus Tiger Woods has to make sure he's not snapped in any new compromising positions.

Betty White Wants To Kick Jesse James' A--

Betty WhiteBetty White, who starred with Sandra Bullock in last summer's smash 'The Proposal,' is very protective when it comes to her friend.

A source close to the Golden Girl tells me, "Betty wants to kick Jesse James' a**. Betty is furious and just cannot understand why he would be so stupid. He had everything. A beautiful, talented wife who adored him, an amazing daughter that Sandra treats as her own, and he has thrown it all away for some floozy."

In fact, Betty is so angry her friends tells me she cannot mention Jesse's name without cursing!