America Ferrera may have won the hearts of millions as TV's 'Ugly Betty,' but the actress is one bombshell babe who has divided the blogosphere. Beginning with her starring role in HBO's 'Real Women Have Curves,' Ferrera has come to represent a new type of Hollywood beauty, but the reception to the changing face of the glamour girl hasn't always been pretty.

In a recent interview with PopEater, the actress addressed the seemingly endless discussion of her weight. "I don't really think about it to be honest. It's not hard to ignore, because I find it all so ridiculous," she said. I think there's a whole different set of rules that exist in a pretend world. The celebrity world, the online gossip world, where people have different rules about [how] they get to talk about other people and their appearances."

While Ferrera has visibly slimmed down since her turn in 'Real Women Have Curves,' she says her weight loss was not due to media pressure. "To spend any time at all thinking about the bad or good things written about me is such a waste of time and energy. I hope to have a career based on the work I do and not whether a gossip site says I look good or bad in a dress," she says.