Beyonce Pregnant RumorsBeing pregnant, like being dead, is an incontrovertible condition: one either is or isn't.

Yet despite this black-and-white distinction, pregnancy is one of the haziest gray areas in celebrity journalism. This week, Beyonce is the subject of rumors. Let's examine the facts, shall we?

It won't take long, because there are none: not even a paparazzi picture of Beyonce wearing a billowy top on a windy day with a big yellow arrow helpfully provided by some tabloid with the caption "Baby Bump!!" The origin of this week's speculation is this item on MediaTakeOut, which provides no facts other than the promise of having a "ROCK SOLID source."

In the gossip industry, MediaTakeOut has a poor reputation for accuracy. That doesn't mean they can't be right, but as a numbers game, it does mean they probably aren't.