Hailey Glassman and Jon GosselinHailey Glassman is planning on becoming a star like her ex-boyfriend Jon Gosselin.

Glassman tells RadarOnline.com that she's moving to Los Angeles to film a reality show.

"I'm moving out in August and probably moving to the Santa Monica area," she says. "I was offered to do a show called 'Starting Over,' which will be about me leaving New York and all the negative behind me."

"I don't know LA at all, I could love it, I could be the biggest trainwreck. My mom is so upset, but I have to grow up. Living in my parents' house is going to keep me a little girl forever. I have to be out on my own. I need to find my passion again and figure out who I am. The world only knows me as the tabloid Hailey. Hopefully through this show they'll see me for who I really am," she adds.