'Monster House' Writer Dan Harmon Called Stephen Spielberg a Moron After the Film Frightened a Young GirlBlogger Kelly Oxford's seven-year-old daughter became "plagued with nightmares" after watching the animated film 'Monster House.' So Oxford wrote to the film's co-writer (and 'Community' creator) Dan Harmon -- who happened to be a friend of a friend -- and received what she called an "immediate and amazing" response.

Most notable is Harmon's skewering of executive producer Steven Spielberg as "a moron" and director Gil Kenan as "a hack," but the full reply is genuinely heartfelt and honest. "Your Mom told me about 'Monster House' scaring you," Harmon's e-mail begins. "It sounds like one of the things that upset you is the fact that the house kept wanting to hurt people even after nobody wanted to hurt it anymore. I will tell you a secret that sounds so silly you might not believe it, but this is true: I never finished writing 'Monster House' before my bosses turned it into a movie."

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