Jersey Shore BookIs a book capitalizing on the wildly popular 'Jersey Shore' franchise actually going to be a money-maker? Do the 4.8 million viewers of the reality series best known for brawls, booze, hairspray, poofs and big butts even read? St. Martin's Press is banking on enough of them cracking open the spine of the upcoming advice book, 'Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore,' ostensibly written by Jenni "J-Woww" Farley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, two of the show's stars, and co-written by Marc Shapiro, to turn a healthy profit. They might just get the last laugh.

Some industry insiders are skeptical and think publishers would have been better off catching the show's bigger star, Snooki!

celebenomics"I don't know what the advance was on the 'Jersey Shore' book, but I know one thing; They would have done a lot better snaring Snooki. As a paperback it will be a grab at counter gag-gift, but how many sales will that translate into? Those two aren't the stars of the show, and no one knows how a relocated Jersey Shore will hold up," worries one newspaper books editor.