Pam Anderson Dancing With the StarsIf you heard an odd sound just after 8 PM on Tuesday night, it was likely the collective gasp of millions of viewers stunned that crowd favorite Pam Anderson was in danger of being eliminated from 'Dancing with the Stars.' But when it came time to trim the cast, she was indeed spared this week. The buxom bombshell spoke to PopEater about balancing motherhood with her grueling rehearsal schedule, and her new-found passion for dance.

Last week your dance was very sexy.
I think we rocked it. I also got lost in the moment, just a bit! We had fun! I have a lot to learn about dancing; it's an incredible experience, but when the adrenaline goes, your legs start to shake and the audience is there. I lose a little control. I think for our first dance we accomplished what we wanted and that was to have fun and perform and bring people in. It felt good.