Erykah Badu pulled inspiration from Matt & Kim's Times Square streaking session for her controversial 'Window Seat' video
Critics of Erykah Badu's new 'Window Seat' video, which features the singer strolling through the streets of Dallas and removing all her clothes before collapsing at the spot of JFK's death, have found all sorts of issues to be cranky about. One common complaint goes, "Hey! This isn't even original -- Matt & Kim did the exact same thing in 2009 when they stripped in Times Square for their 'Lessons Learned' video!" Perhaps the haters failed to notice Badu's video opens with a deliberate nod: "Inspired by Matt & Kim."

"She's an artist that I respect and like and before she made the video I got a call from her and we talked about it," Matt Johnson of the Brooklyn-based duo told PopEater. "We talked about the bigger picture she saw and what would come out of it and I definitely respect that she gave us credit by putting our name in her video. I think she did the video in the right spirit and in the way we talked about before she shot it. It's about more than just shock value -- there is a bigger idea for the whole thing."

Compare the two streakalicious videos after the jump.