Uma Thurman, 'Motherhood' Star

Maybe Uma Thurman should finally take David Letterman up on his 1995 offer to meet Oprah Winfrey -- at this point, considering her latest film's box-office numbers, it couldn't hurt. 'Motherhood' opened this past weekend in the UK and made around $130 at the box office. Now, to be clear about a couple of things: That wasn't a typo where we forgot to add the word "million" at the end of $130. And, we know what you're also thinking: That we didn't convert the exchange rate from pounds to dollars. We did. Thurman's film, measured in pounds, actually made £88. The saddest part is that on it's debut day, 'Motherhood' made £9. The average price to see a movie in the UK appears to be £7 to £10, which means, yes, one lone person went to see it on day one. This begs a few questions: First, who is the mysterious, lone, brave, British moviegoer? Second, are movie ticket prices really that expensive in the UK? Nine pounds ($13.71)? Egads! And why, if Miss Thurman can be so butt-kickingly awesome in Quentin Tarantino movies, has her career been a myriad of near-bombs? After the jump, some theories.