Jesse James, Tiger Woods
Fans were furious when Tiger Woods' many sexual indiscretions came to light -- and yet, their anger pales in comparison to Jesse James' nosediving popularity. Maybe it's because no one really knew Elin Nordegren before her husband's infidelity put her name in headlines for a solid month. Maybe it's because we identify so strongly with Sandra Bullock, the charming, refreshingly down-to-Earth starlet James betrayed. Despite a much shorter marriage and probably one-third the number of mistresses, a vast majority of PopEater readers think Jesse James made the bigger mess.

We don't disagree that James failed Bullock spectacularly -- or believe he doesn't deserve the tidal wave of criticism. That being said, we've checked out some of the most shocking celebrity sex scandals of the last few decades, and we learned a little something: you might be angry now, but in a couple years, you won't give a hoot. We offer proof after the jump.