Erykah Badu FinedSinger Erykah Badu will be issued a disorderly conduct citation carrying a $500 fine for stripping off all her clothes in broad daylight in the middle of Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Badu, who was filming a video for her song 'Window Seat,' walked through the city center of her hometown, tossing her clothes while walking slowly to the tune of the track. Immediately after Badu shed the last garment, a staged gunshot rang and a nude Badu feigned death, as an homage to assassinated president John F. Kennedy -- leaving spectators utterly confounded.

Badu says her stunt has been "grossly misunderstood."

She told Wanda Sykes, "J.F.K. is one of my heroes, one of the nation's heroes... Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth."