Mr. Skin on Howard Stern
In what could be the most obvious coupling of all time, the world's foremost authority on celebrity nudity, Jim McBride, aka Mr. Skin, has teamed up with America's foremost lover of nude women, Howard Stern, for a four-part special on Howard TV On Demand, 'Howard Stern's Hottest Nudes With Mr.Skin.' Mr. Skin, a frequent guest on Stern's Sirius satellite radio show, is something of a nudity savant. Name just about any actress and he can tell you whether she has been nude in a movie, how much nudity there was and how far into the film that nude scene appears. It's safe to say he's a guy you'd definitely want at a cocktail party, even though you might want to keep him away from your wife. We took a few minutes to chat with Mr. Skin about his new project with Howard TV, where he will count down the hottest chicks Stern has ever had on his show, how he went from a creepy guy with an uncanny knowledge of celebrity nudes to hosting his own show and whether he realizes he has the best job in the world.

PopEater: How did this obsession with celebrity nudity start?

Mr. Skin: As a kid, I used to tape as many nude scenes as I could from movies, and I would save the nude scenes on video tapes. It may sound a little creepy, but I was a lot of fun at parties.