Ivanka Trump StalkerA 27-year-old man accused of stalking Ivanka Trump was released on bail Friday, the New York Post reports. Justin Massler was arrested in Nevada on suspicion that he used the Internet to stalk the 'Celebrity Apprentice' star. Massler, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was charged with stalking and harassment Thursday and freed on $10,000 bail. Jail hasn't dampened Massler's enthusiasm for Donald Trump's daughter -- the accused said Sunday night that he has a new plan to woo her.

"I've got a stalking charge, so that means I can't contact her. I won't, like, try to ever visit her directly," Massler told the New York Daily News. In an e-mail sent to infamous author Tucker Max -- who has never met Trump -- Massler added, "Obviously, right now she is probably not that into me since she filed these stalking charges and I'm in the doghouse with her, but later on I'm going to try to recover and then actually win her over."