Nicolas Cage
Nic Cage for the upcoming 'Drive Angry,' Cage in 'Con Air and 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice'

Oh Nicolas Cage! Not only does Nic continue to torture us with sub-par action adventure movies, but he keeps doing it with some unfortunate man hair.

In Nic's latest hair-paux (allegedly for his movie 'Drive Angry'), Cage goes blonde and scraggly, looking less like a movie star and more like a Canadian hockey player.

"Cage, though still considered a heartthrob by many, suffers from some common hair woes, including dated sideburns and a receding hairline. His signature look is a fluffy, combed-back hairstyle, but Cage hasn't been afraid to explore the true depths of bad hair through his various characters," says StyleList's mane guru Marissa Gold.

This new do isn't the first time that Cage has gone business in the front, party in the back for a movie role.