Nicollette Sheridan has left 'Desperate Housewives,' but she clearly has not abandoned the explosive plot lines.

Sheridan has filed a lawsuit against 'Housewives' creator Marc Cherry, saying he struck her across the face on the set, according to TMZ. She alleges that when she complained, she was fired.

According to legal papers obtained by the Web site, Sheridan is suing for $20 million claiming assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination.

In the lawsuit, Sheridan claims Cherry created a hostile work environment by "behaving in an extremely abusive and aggressive manner toward the individuals who work on the show."

Things worsened between Sheridan and Cherry in the fifth season. Sheridan claims on September 24, 2008, he physically assaulted her after she questioned him about something in the script. According to the lawsuit, "Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head."