Sean Connery's 'Dressed to Kilt'

If 20 years ago, someone told you that Sir Sean Connery -- you know, the smoothest James Bond there ever was -- would take pride in getting the hottest men (and women) in Hollywood to wear skirts on a runway, you would have laughed them off of the block. Cut to 2010, and it's time for Connery's eighth annual Dressed to Kilt event (which takes place Monday, April 5), where stars ranging from Gerard Butler to Joan Jett are set to flash some leg (hopefully that's all) in the fashion show that will benefit the Paralyzed Veterans of America and its Scottish equivalent. PopEater was able to briefly chat with Sir Sean about the event, what it means to him and, since he's Scottish, just how exactly one should eat haggis now that it's OK to import it into the U.S.