With the recent onslaught of celeb infidelity, we've seen the term "sex rehab" slinking into headlines with alarming frequency. David Duchovny kicked off the trend last year -- the 'X Files' star spent two months in treatment for his self-proclaimed sex addiction. Duchovny and wife Tea Leoni separated briefly but appear to be going strong months after their reconciliation.

Of course, the two gentlemen keeping sex rehab in the news right now are Tiger Woods and Jesse James; only time will tell if their efforts have paid off in the public eye (or in their blemished relationships). Because both men moved so quickly from scandal to treatment facility, we have to wonder -- is checking into rehab simply a gesture of remorse, or does the program really work?

Board certified sexologist Isadora Alman tells PopEater exclusively, "I think it is the cop-out du jour. Yes indeed, there is reparative therapy -- I wouldn't be a therapist for 25 years if I didn't think it worked. But so much of the celebrity rehabs like this one, like Tiger Woods, like a few others that have recently been in the news, are really a way of their publicists getting the person out of the hot-seat, out of the limelight and to take the heat off them. It's also a way for them to get out of taking responsibility for their behavior. 'Oh, the poor guy has a disease.'"