Tiger Woods Press ConferenceWas anyone else terribly bored during the Tiger Woods' press conference today?

For the first time in five months reporters were allowed to grill Woods in what was supposed to be a no holds barred presser. But it seems like the folks asking the questions were afraid to ask the really tough queries, the kind that would get the answers that Americans really and truly want from Tiger.

Nary a mention was made of the more than 16 women that Tiger allegedly had affairs with. No one asked him why he hasn't apologized to the women, whether he has had any contact with them or why he was so reckless by having unprotected sex with so many different partners. Mistress and porn star Joslyn James gave her own interview this morning on the Howard Stern show where she once again alleged that she had become pregnant twice while she was with Tiger, once having a miscarriage and once having an abortion. No one at the press conference bothered to ask Tiger about whether he knew that his girlfriend had aborted his child.