Diablo Cody PregnantLong-time married! Pregnant! In two Tweets over five hours, celebrated screenwriter Diablo Cody rocked the Twitter-sphere with two major announcements Tuesday.

Sort of makes Ellen Page's big announcement day in 'Juno' -- which Cody penned -- seem pretty tame.

So from the top. On Tuesday afternoon Cody announced: "Thanks for the congrats on my fetus! No secrets here; just thought it would be fun to see how big I could get before someone noticed."

Pregnancy announcement out of the way, Cody continued five hours later. "I'm not 'secretly married,'" Cody wrote. "I married Dan last summer. Took wedding photos in Times Square, which is pretty much the opposite of secretive."

E! Online reports that the lucky guy is 'Chelsea Lately' staffer Dan Maurio, who told the Web site: "She's a great lady to make a fetus with."

The rest of the Tweets (on a great Twitter page) were no doubt false, but funny nonetheless.