This week, reports surfaced that ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews, who is currently wowing the judges on 'Dancing with the Stars,' has been receiving threatening e-mails that are currently being investigated by the FBI.

The threats, which were sent to DirecTV's 'Dan Patrick Show' (Patrick is a former colleague of Andrews), reportedly began last September. The first e-mails were sexual in nature, and they progressively became more violent, culminating recently with a direct threat to Andrews' life -- "Somebody should shoot her in the face," the e-mail read. DirecTV immediately notified authorities and representatives for Andrews.

While celebrities often struggle with obsessed fans, it's hard not to ask, 'Why her?' Has Erin Andrews become the subject of such lurid fascination because she is a woman working in a predominantly male profession or is it simply the byproduct of a specific kind of fame?