Ricky Gervais QuoteComedian and 'The Office' creator Ricky Gervais is even funny when he's mad -- but the man is not shy about strong language. Gervais checked out his recent interview with British men's magazine GQ, only to find that the article's introduction contained a quote he'd never said.

"We talked for some time. The journalist even taped it. What could go wrong? I'll tell you what can go wrong," Gervais writes on his official blog. "They introduce the piece with this quote: 'Ricky Gervais once said, I came to this business uneducated, 5'6", dyslexic, with a face like a squashed cabbage. And they welcomed me with open arms.'

"No he f***ing didn't! Why the f*** would he? He came to this business with a f***ing degree in Philosophy, not dyslexic, 5'8" with a face like... OK the last bit is fine. But the rest is b**locks and I never said it."