This week, our viral-minded pals at Urlesque compiled 58 'Empire State of Mind' covers floating around online. Now we, the PopEater staff, are here to tell you what we think of the Jay-Z wannabes' numerous takes on our various necks of the woods. Some are great, some are woeful, but we all agree on one thing -- none can even touch that gorgeous Alicia Keys refrain.

Editor-in-Chief Jason Kaufman on 'Garden State of Mind'
Lyrics could have a better mix, but I am giving a "Dirty Jerz" thumbs up for the retro angle here. YouTuber Reggin119 gets points for flashbacks -- I had forgotten all about the Metrostars and Wild West City commercials, but he hits on them here. If anything, he's laying on too many Jersey sports references and a bit too much focus on doping. Drop a blunt reference and add in a Mack's Pizza at Wildwood shout out and I'd feel better. I'm still giving Reg props for not taking the easy way out by turning the whole song into a Springsteen/'Sopranos' love letter.