The 'Police Women of Maricopa County' have offered to help Lindsay Lohan get her life back on track. The four stars of TLC's reality show, which follows the lives of four female police officers in Arizona, dropped by PopEater's offices to discuss their love for Lindsay, the craziest things they've seen on the job and just how real they've made reality television.

The 'Police Women' all agreed that as strong women, they could definitely help Lohan out.

"That way she can be that great role model for our kids because she's on TV so much," said Deputy Amie Duong. "It would be nice to straighten her out."

The 'Police Women of Maricopa County' is the second installment of TLC's series, the first being the 'Police Women of Broward County.' Episodes air Thursdays at 9PM on TLC. Check out what the police women had to say after the jump.