This week, Jon Gosselin filed legal papers in Pennsylvania challenging ex-wife Kate for custody of their eight children. In the filing, he alleges she abuses the custody scheduling laid out in their arbitration process and claims she is not being completely honest about her income. His lawyer also reportedly called her an "absentee mom" due to her commitments to 'Dancing with the Stars.'

Ugh. Public opinion of the Gosselins has never been exactly stellar, but why would Jon -- just when he'd arguably traded places with Kate to become the less publicly loathed of the two -- go out of his way to make himself the bad guy again? We suspect it's because Kate is getting all the tabloid headlines these days. But that begs another question: Why are both Gosselins, people who've been in the public eye for years, so incapable of gauging the public's good graces? Or is it really better to be famous and hated than to not be famous at all?