Melissa Leo -- nominated for a Best Actress Acedemy Award for her role 2007's 'Frozen River' -- stars as Toni Bernette, a New Orleans civil rights attorney in the highly-anticipated 'Treme,' David Simon's post-Katrina drama premiering on HBO this Sunday. 'Treme' (pronounced Tre-may or Tre-mee, depending on who you talk to) is set in that same New Orleans neighborhood during the 2005 aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Simon, the creator of 'Homicide: Life on the Streets' and 'The Wire,' is no stranger to socially important television dramas. This time the subject surrounds the corruption and housing crises that affected (and still does affect) the city of New Orleans following that devastating hurricane. PopEater spoke to Leo who, doing her second tour of duty with David Simon (she co-starred in 'Homicide') is still on location shooting 'Treme' in New Orleans. Leo, certainly no fan of football, explains what is was like to live in New Orleans during this year's Super Bowl and explains what exactly does happen to an actor's career after they are nominated for an Academy Award. (Hint: They star in television shows created by David Simon.)