Kate Gosselin Dancing With the Stars Custody

Kate Gosselin is one tough person to defend.

After all, how do you stand up for a woman who -- along with her Ed Hardy-wearing ex Jon -- more or less displayed their eight kids in an electronic zoo for five years in an effort to become rich and famous? And the couple's awful, showboating behavior since their divorce has only made things worse. It also doesn't help that, on 'Dancing With The Stars,' Kate is continuing all those tendencies that made many fans of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' loathe her with a passion.

But when word came out that Jon Gosselin wanted to change the custody arrangement for his kids because all of Kate's projects, including 'DWTS,' have made her an "absentee mom," one thought came to mind: "What else does he want her to do?"

Yes, Kate's probably not the most present mother at this point in her kids' lives. Besides 'DWTS,' she's about to embark on a book tour and is also about to start her new TLC show, 'Twist of Kate,' which will take her across the country, interviewing moms inspired by her struggles. But, at this point, Kate might as well take advantage of any opportunity that comes her way.