Michelle McGeeWhat is Michelle "Bombshell" McGee angling for? McGee made headlines again this week, apologizing to Sandra Bullock for sleeping with her husband and generally ruining her post-Oscar glow in an interview with Australian TV Show, 'Today/Tonight.' She also denied claims that she is a Nazi-lovin' racist. No one goes on the record without a reason. The Bombshell even said as much in her chat. Her aim now, she said, is to continue her modeling career. Prior to this scandal that "career" of has consisted of posing for seedy tattoo magazines. Now she wants to claw her way out of the dregs of the modeling world and up to a place where people outside of the gutter will be able to see her.

"She is using every single bit of media to get her name out there," says PopWrap's Ryan Brockington. "I love Sandra and this lousy attempt at an apology from McGee is worse than Bullocks hair in Speed -- and way less forgivable."