Eric Stonestreet on Modern Family as CameronWhile you may not recognize Eric Stonestreet's name immediately, a huge number of fans are deeply in love with his endearing portrayal of Cameron, the cuddly partner of uptight Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) on ABC's 'Modern Family' (Wednesdays at 9PM on ABC). The 38-year-old Kansas City native talked about girlfriends (yes, he's straight), raising hogs and Benny Hill with PopEater.

PopEater just named you and Jesse the best couple on TV.
I know! It's so sweet.

Are you amazed at the reaction to you guys?
I would say I'm not amazed at the non-reaction, meaning the sort of people having a problem with it. But we are all amazed at how open and generous and kind people are at how our relationship and the show has affected their lives. I thought people would be like, "Oh, I really like your show," not, "Your show has given me something to look forward to every week, thank you for being able to see myself on TV for the first time." It's just really over and above nice compliments. That 100 percent has been surprising.