Tamara Taylor BonesTamara Taylor plays forensic pathologist and queen of the lab Dr. Camille Saroyan on 'Bones,' airing on FOX at 8PM on Thursdays.

Tamara chatted with PopEater and told us that she never watches an episode the night it airs. "I'm kind of superstitious; I never watch the date that it's on. I usually watch a couple of days later," she says.

The actress also dished on Cam's future love interest, her amazing wardrobe, and the grossest thing she's ever had to do on a set that's known for it's ick factor -- considering the show revolves around decomposing bodies. "I'm probably not a big fan of the bug wrangler. When he's around, I'm not usually not very composed. He brings a veritable feast of rats, maggots, cockroaches of all sizes. He's not my favorite guy. The corpses I'm actually pretty good with ... They're believable, but you can always smell the rubber. You're always reminded that they are not real ... When they cue the real bugs, I'm not a big fan."