Chaz and Roger Ebert's Cancer Battle
Exclusive: Chaz Ebert has been through some dreadful times in recent years, as Roger Ebert -- who you know as the most prominent film critic in the county, but she knows as her husband -- was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002. He's since had several surgeries, the most recent of which removed a large portion of his jaw, leaving him unable to speak. Still, during an interview with PopEater, it became clear that Chaz is surprisingly upbeat, positive and looking forward to the future -- the exact kind of person you'd want by your side should bad news be handed down. "Sometimes, I'm almost ashamed we feel so positive. People think you shouldn't be so happy, because when you fall, it's going to be that much more disappointing. But you know what? We'll take each day as it comes," Ebert told PopEater in our extremely candid interview. After the jump, Chaz tells of Roger's health, how tumultuous a ride it's been and what Roger doesn't like her saying.