Sandra Bullock wedding ring
In the first clear photograph taken of Sandra Bullock since Jesse James' infidelities were made public, the Oscar winner is seen hiking in Northern California...without her wedding ring. While we have every reason to believe Sandra and Jesse will
divorce, nothing is set in stone, and the story got us wondering: Is a missing wedding ring a sure sign of anything, or is it sometimes just not a big deal? We turned to our readers, the Pop Chorus, for their stories and opinions:

Cecelia Haack says: "I am happily married and rarely wear a wedding ring. My husband and I were married by a village mayor in Greenland 20 years ago, at end of a 600-mile sea kayaking expedition. We didn't have rings for the ceremony and felt we were truly lucky to be wearing clean clothes. We believe the health of our marriage isn't represented by a wedding ring but in how we treat each other at the breakfast table."

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