Sandra BullockIt's rare for a paparazzi shot to be sold for five figures these days. But the first pics of Sandra Bullock spotted without her wedding ring sold for nearly $100,000 this week to entertainment news show Entertainment Tonight.

The picture shows Bullock on a hike in northern California with no makeup, smiling and sipping coffee. Most notable is the bare finger on her left hand -- no wedding ring.

On Saturday, photo agency Getty Images put out a call to magazines and television outlets to submit their bids for these exclusive first pics. Bids skyrocketed within an hour. Most magazines dropped out when the bids reached $75,000, one mag insider tells PopEater (contrary to reports that ET nabbed the pics for $60K).
It's been a while since a grainy pap shot sold for so much. These aren't the halcyon heydays of $500,000 Brad and Angie pics, after all. The paparazzi bubble burst years ago, so why are these snaps so worthy of cash?