Chris CrockerChris Crocker may go down in history for one moment -- telling the world to "Leave Britney Alone!" The online video has been viewed over 30 million times since its September 2007 debut, but Crocker is back to tell the world he has turned his back on Britney Spears and is setting his sights on his own music career.

Crocker chats with the lovely ladies of Girls on Pop to talk about his new iTunes single, 'Love You Better,' and even challenges Miley Cyrus to a music face-off with his upcoming single 'Best of Both Worlds.' Of course, Crocker didn't stop there. He sounds off on Perez Hilton, Britney Spears, Kate Gosselin and Michelle "Bombshell" MeGee and explains why he wants to be Cyrus' stepmom. Watch the exclusive interview: