Laura PreponDirecting has always been a passion for 'That '70s Show' actress Laura Prepon, so she decided to turn the camera on her boyfriend, 'Greek's' Scott Michael Foster, and musician Jaime Jorn for a new comedic Web series called 'Neighbros.' The series follows Foster and Jorn, who are real-life friends and neighbors, in a series of off-the-wall skits.

"I've always had strong aspirations to direct ... And the three of us were hanging out in front of the apartment thinking up skits. Finally, a voice from above -- well, another neighbor -- shouted down, 'Just shoot the thing already!' and 'Neighbros' was born," she tells PopEater. "Literally, the next day, I showed up with my own equipment and was a one-woman crew." Even though there isn't a studio backing the project, Prepon says guerrilla filmmaking has been non-stop fun, and working with her boyfriend has made her directing debut that much more refreshing.