"I'm trying to become a geek" are not exactly words you would expect to hear from James Caan -- or, as I'm quickly corrected, "Jimmy" Caan. Indeed, though, that is what Caan is aspiring to become with his new online venture, OpenFilm.com. Caan -- along with Robert Duvall, Mark Rydell and his son Scott (pictured, left, with "Jimmy") -- has founded, and sits on the advisory board of, the new online independent film site, which hopes to discover young and talented filmmakers. A board that will award a million dollars annually to new filmmakers. Caan took the time to chat with PopEater about his new project, the prospects of him joining Twitter (slim ... "I'd rather pick up the phone," he jokes) and a massive discussion about the current state of movies, what he thinks of certain directors and what inspired his legendary performance as Sonny Corleone in 'The Godfather.' (Hint: It's not what you think.)